What is Report + Support?

Report + Support is an online tool developed by Culture Shift where staff and students can report issues of (input) anonymously or via contacting an advisor to discuss. Report + Support is also home to information about internal and external support, policies and procedures and (campaign). 

Who can make a report?

RCA students and staff can make a report through Report + Support. Visitors are encouraged to report complaints through the public complaints process.

What happens when someone makes a report?
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In the case of anonymous reports, the support advisor will first review the report to identify any risks that relate to the duty of care. If no immediate risk is identified, no further, direct action will be taken. If any identifiable information is provided, the advisor will then remove the identifiable information.

The information kept will be for trend analysis and inform proactive prevention. 

What is the difference between anonymous and advisor reports? 
The RCA has no way of knowing who has made an anonymous report as no personal identifying information is collected. This will mean that we won't be able to reach out and provide support. As you will understand, in order to ensure a fair and just investigation, we will be unable to take action against an accused individual if we are unable to corroborate the events which took place.
So that we can take action, and if someone wants to receive support or consider informal or formal options to address a concern, a named report can be submitted and an advisor will guide you through the options available to you. 
Please be assured that the details that you provide are held confidentially and will not be shared with anyone else without your prior consent. 

What action can you take from anonymous reports?
As we have very limited information from anonymous reports to take direct action, the information provided, however, will be used to better understand what is happening across the College and inform proactive prevention work. The Head of Equity and Inclusion will continue to work with any areas identified to directly address any concerning trends. 

How will the RCA manage malicious complaints?
If a report is found to be malicious or vexatious, such reports will be addressed under existing student and staff procedures.

What do you do with the data gathered from reports?
The data collected from Report + Support is used to produce anonymised annual reports. These reports would include the number of cases, most reported types of harassment and location. 

How secure is the data and information sent through the system?
Data held on Report + Support is GDPR compliant and further information about how data is collected and stored is outlined in the Privacy Notice. The system has been security tested by both the developer, Culture Shift, and by the RCA.  

How long is data sorted on the system?
We will only retain personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for. We will keep records of reports one year from case closure on the Report + Support system as outlined in the Privacy Notice. All personal data will be kept according to the Records Retention Schedule.