Reporting student wellbeing or welfare concerns. 
This is a new reporting tool which aims to provide a central location for any staff member to pass on urgent or emerging wellbeing or welfare concerns for RCA students so appropriate and timely support can be arranged.


Urgent concerns: where an immediate and measured response is required without the help of the emergency services

Emerging concerns: less urgent but require prompt, coherent and appropriate responses together with a suitable exploration, ongoing monitoring and support.

Thank you for using the Report and Support platform to share your concerns for a student or group of students. The information submitted is received by senior members of the Student Support team, read within one working day and appropriate action is taken within 48 hours, typically a lot sooner. 

Reporting Timeline

  1. Report submitted through Report + Support
  2. Read by senior members of the Student Support Team
  3. A member of the Student Support team will let you know that your report is safely received. Depending on the circumstances it may not be possible to share further information with you. If you continue to have concerns, please do get in contact again 
  4. Actions taken:
    • We may contact the student and offer support.
    • We may contact you to understand your concerns and offer advice on how you can support the student or students 
    • We may liaise with the student’s support networks to arrange assistance through this route
    • We may support the student to access health care services such as their GP, nearest mental health crisis services or psychiatric service 

Student Support operates within working hours (09:00 - 17:30 / Monday - Friday). The College is unable to act as a crisis service. We do subscribe to a range of out-of-hours resources and support systems offering emotional and practical support.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your report or might like to debrief by talking through
the situation with a member of the team, please feel welcome to email

Please see our support articles describing examples of wellbeing and welfare concerns, out-of-hours provisions and our emergency protocol.